São Caetano is a small civil parish located on the south side of the island, between Madalena and Lajes do Pico. It enjoys access to a bathing area on one of the island’s loveliest bays, known as Prainha do Galeão. You will often see fishermen arriving and leaving in their boats and children playing and jumping into the water during the long summer afternoons. Here, you can enjoy a pleasant swim with a splendid view of the mountain. The sea in this area is almost always calm due to the local geography, and the site is known among divers because of the coral reef located just a few metres from the coast. Júlia’s Little House is located on a higher point in the parish, but the coast is roughly 10 minutes away on foot. The house is surrounded by other houses, but enjoys an unobstructed view towards the sea.

There is a café that serves meals by Prainha do Galeão. There is another, simpler café behind the house and, a little further up, a bakery/patisserie where they bake their own bread and pastries.